Games as a Way of Presenting NLP

Auteur: Jaap Hollander

Beschrijving: In depth information on the Nano Tech Power Deck. This article describes the structure of the Nano Tech Deck in some detail and also explores possible factors involved in its efficacy as a change agent.

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Those of us who use NLP professionally, often feel a desire to do more with NLP for ourselves in own our personal lives. Just as we would like to do more for our clients, our colleagues and our students. But a busy schedule with multiple time pressures often prevents us from using NLP as much as we would like. There is always that article to finish, that meeting to prepare, that extra session to do… And thinking about our clients and students, we would certainly like some of them to do more with NLP! But again, we simply don’t have the time or the energy to do provide all the extra NLP exposure we would like to offer them. And that’s where the Deck comes in. In this article we will first take a look at the Nano Tech Power Deck, an NLP card game, and from there we will examine the broader issue of pro’s and cons of games as presenting forms for NLP-techniques.

The Nano Tech Power Deck is a card game, designed to provide a source of NLP that is not limited by the amount of time and energy available from an NLP-trained professional. It embodies many of the principles and procedures of NLP in a playful format. It is only a deck of cards, and yet it often brings about personal developments and insights that people had wanted but not achieved before. The Deck helps people, each time in a different way, to achieve goals, to solve problems, to develop personal strengths, to overcome personal weaknesses, to obtain unexpected advice and last but not least: to relate in a new way to the other people they play with. No need to make an appointment or to go to someone’s office. With the Deck at hand, one has a readily available source of NLP, one that is especially effective when people have already had some NLP training.Essentially, the Nano Tech Deck combines the modern psychological techniques of NLP with the old principles of the oracle, as they were passed on to us from Greek, Celtic and Germanic civilizations. The NLP-aspect is represented by the general structure of the game, which has a phase where an issue is defined and a phase of general orientation followed by a series of small change techniques. The game ends with a systematic future pace. The oracle aspect comes in where a live NLP practitioner would normally determine the general direction the change work should take. In the game this general direction is offered by an oracle system that gives advice on a high level of abstraction. This general direction is developed further by the use of three small change techniques. The change techniques used are called Nano Techniques, ’nano’ meaning ’very small’. A nanosecond for instance, is one billionth of a second. The word Nano Technique refers to a very small NLP-technique that only takes a few minutes. The whole game, including finding an issue to play with, obtaining the advice from the oracle, doing the three Nano Techniques and doing the future pace, takes between fifteen and forty five minutes.

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