Na de introductietraining is de opleiding provocatief coachen het mooiste vervolg. Maar als dat voor jou nog niet is weggelegd, is dit een alternatief. Heb je toch iets...
Leer in deze snelle tweedaagse IEP training de basiselementen waarmee je prima provocatief werk kunt doen. Je leert een serie 'logisch' samenhangende provocatieve elementen, die samen een complete provocatieve sessie vormen.

Aan de ene kant wil je natuurlijk graag de opleiding doen, maar aan de andere kant… Het is soms een grote stap van een eendaagse introductie naar een volledige opleiding. En het kost allemaal tijd en geld. Toch zou het natuurlijk fantastisch zijn als je echt goed provocatief kon coachen... Maar hoe regel je al die dagen van huis met het thuisfront? Aan de andere kant: wat mis je allemaal als je het niet doet? Enzovoort. 

Deze compacte tweedaagse IEP training is een tussenstop tussen de  introductie en de opleiding. De training bestaat in feite uit de eerste twee dagen van de provocatieve opleiding. We behandelen een basismodel waarmee je een complete provocatieve sessie kunt doen. Als je hier meer over wilt weten, kunnen we je van harte aanraden om het boek ‘Provocative Coaching’ te bestellen. In dit boek wordt de provocatieve grondplaat, 'The Starter Kit', uitgebreid beschreven. Alle elementen worden een voor een uitgelegd. Het is weliswaar in het Engels, maar voor de Nederlandse coaches goed te lezen. 

Heb je deze training gedaan, dan kunt je  'bijtekenen' voor de direct daarop volgende twee dagen. 

"Serieus lachen."

"Leerzaam, spannend, uitdagend. Goede combi theorie/zelf doen. Training is voor iedereen die wel eens een mens ontmoet en in staat is om serieus te lachen."

Jet Cox
Senior HR professional

"Een echte eye-opener."

"Erg inspirerend met veel oefeningen. Een echte eye-opener. Aan te raden voor iedere docent, trainer en adviseur."

Mark Lentink

"De technieken geven lucht en breken paden open"

"Informatief, inspirerend, evolutionair, leerzaam met leuke demonstraties. Ik raad deze training iedereen aan. De technieken geven lucht en breken paden open voor nieuwe mogelijkheden van coachen en communiceren in het algemeen."

Louise Jenei

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The case of the fallen flute

Hier is Jaap bezig met het begin van de provocatieve starter kit (hij vindt het zelf nog altijd een hilarisch voorbeeld):

  • Coach (touching client’s shoulder): So, tell me, what’s the problem?
  • Client: I have become a total monomaniac…. I do one thing only. Well maybe a few other little things, but mostly I do only one thing.
  • Coach: And we all know what that is, don't we?
  • Client (chuckling): You do?
  • Coach: Yes, but I don't want to embarrass you with sexual disclosures.
  • Client (laughing): But the thing is, that I have become so good at being a monomaniac, that I can’t do anything else anymore. Let me give you an example. I used to be involved in playing classical flute music a lot. But that has totally fallen out of my life….
  • Coach: Your flute has fallen off! (Laughter from the audience, client slaps coaches’ knee).
  • Client: Yeah, you could say that! What you are suggesting, that might be quite true!
  • Coach: Okay, so you are focusing on one thing only, and all the other things disappear. And what is that one single thing?
  • Client: Yeah, well, that's my work…. my working life…. a lot of different kinds of work, that's true, so there is some variation….
  • Coach: Sure, within this monomania (with his hand gestures Coach is indicating a small space of about one cubic decimeter), within this tiny space there is some variation…. Okay, but why is that a problem? Isn't it just a matter of enjoying your work? Doing what you like doing most? What’s wrong with that? Forget about all these stupid little things like art, or personal development, or sex, or relationships, or the future of mankind and what have you…. Work, that's what counts! I understand. So why is that a problem? You are focusing on what you are most suited for…. work.
  • Client: No, no, no, you've got to see, no…. that is one of the things with being a monomaniac, you’re focused so much on one thing…. that is the reason why you enjoy that most, and that is precisely the problem! And then….
  • Coach (interrupting him): But doesn't that make life a lot simpler?
  • Client: Yes, no, no, sure, (sarcastically) that's true, it’s very simple. When people come to me with plans that do not relate to my work, you know, I just say no, no, no, I don't have time for that!
  • Coach: Right! Good for you! So when people say they want to visit you, you go no, no, no, no! (Coach is making broad defensive movements with his arms). Don't visit me! I have work to do! Go away. Don’t waste my time!
  • Client: Yeah…. just about.
  • Coach: But I still don't see what the problem is. You are doing what you enjoy doing. You're doing what feels good to you. You life is simple. So what's the problem?
  • Client: Yeah, no, no…. well…. yeah, I'm doing my thing….
  • Coach: And isn't that what everybody wants? To do their thing?
  • Client (shading his eyes with his hand, turning inside): No…. dammit, the problem is…. Okay, so I am sitting behind my desk, and I am thinking: I'm going to post a note at the musical conservatory to find a flute student as a musical partner…. And then I do write the note, but I never put it up on the board. Because I know, the only way to play the flute well is to do it in a monomanic way, and spend lots and lots of time on it.
  • Coach: So in a moment of acute insanity you let go of this wonderful state of total work obsession. But lucky for you, you returned to your senses just in time! Common sense won, and you forgot these crazy plans like having a hobby and everything. And isn't that beautiful? That you have a healthy common sense that protects you from crazy actions like that?
  • Client (staring into space): You know, the strange thing is, when you say it, it sounds crazy (making a lunatic gesture with his hand). But that's exactly the kind of reasoning that I do myself, these days!
  • Coach: And think about the money!
  • Client: What??
  • Coach: What kind of work do you do?
  • Client: I do therapy and I write books.
  • Coach: Okay, so all these hours you could be writing books or could be seeing clients…. You could be making money!
  • Client: Yeah exactly, that's what I am thinking too…. I'm not crazy! It's a total waste of time!
  • Coach: You have to be really careful with this, you know. You start with one hobby, but then one thing leads to another. And another hobby is added, and another one and another one. And before you know it, you are doing hobbies all the time and you can hardly get any work done anymore. At first it is only playing the flute, but then you go: “I want to take up sailing, because that's what I used to do too. And I should go to the pub more often, and play cards, because that's what I used to do. And going out to see movies, and going to the theatre, and to restaurants, and theatre festivals, and cross-country trips” Before you know it, you are totally absorbed with all these stupid hobbies, and even if you would like to do some work, it is impossible. Your hobbies have taken over your life like a virus or a fungus or whatever and they have completely destroyed your productivity! You can't work anymore because you have to play the flute, you have to go to the club, you have to go sail your boat…. And what is that going to do for your wife and for your children?
  • Client: What do you mean?
  • Coach: Your children are depending on you. They are thinking: Dad is going to work his ass off for at least another 30 years. And then we will get a great inheritance. He will leave us lots of money! And when you do these hobbies, your children will think: our inheritance is going down the drain! Dammit, there goes another thousand euro’s! Your children are crying when you are playing the flute! (with horror in his voice) “My God, he is playing the flute with my money!”
  • (Client is collapsing with laughter, he can’t speak).
  • Coach (accusingly, pointing with his finger, still enacting the children): “And there he is, my own father, throwing away my money with that stupid flute if his! Pissing away my money!” They see their apartments shrinking, their vacation houses going up in smoke…. And how are they going to respond? “Hi, son, are you coming home this weekend?” “Well, dad, have you been playing the flute a lot, lately?" You know what I mean. You children need you to work more, not less. They are counting on you. So I absolutely advise against any hobbies!
  • Client: But I will find a way!

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