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Frank Farrelly: What is provocative therapy?

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plPuSuH3DsA Interview met Frank Farrelly. Merk op hoe Frank, na veertig jaar provocatieve training gegeven te hebben, heel mooi compact en compleet uitlegt wat provocatieve therapie is.

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The Farrelly Factors

Artikel: Farrelly Factors Auteur: Jaap Hollander Beschrijving: 2000; Essentials of Provocative Therapy. The Farrelly Factors are 39 behaviors, strategic patterns and mental activities that Frank Farrelly, the founder of Provocative Therapy, uses when working with a client. A systematic analysis of his work.   ======================== What is this? The Farrelly Factors are 39 behaviors, strategic […]

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Wereldmodel (Het)

Artikel: Wereldmodel (Het) Auteur: Jaap Hollander Beschrijving: Hoofdstuk 3 uit ‘Essenties van NLP’ (1996) over het metamodel.

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